Tai Chi  Harmony 


 HELLO AND WELCOME to Tai Chi Harmony!

Tai Chi Harmony was established by KaZ 

Blake-Owen, an experienced Dance motion Teacher for the past 10 years, to satisfy the need for professional instruction in Tai Chi  which every body is able to learn, practice and benefit from straight away.

Having experienced the amazing health benefits of Tai Chi many years ago, KaZ was determined refresh her Tai Chi so that she could share the magic with others in a professional manner.    

The highly regarded Tai Chi for Diabetes Course via Tai Chi for Health Institute was the perfect vehicle to achieve an Accreditation in this very specialized form, and the beginning of a long-awaited lifelong journey.  The Tai Chi for Health Institute has very strict conditions regarding Instructor Accreditation which must be updated every 2 years.   Please do check their Website re currency of Accreditation:              www.taichiforhealthinstitute.org

Not your 'average' Instructor, KaZ  is able to break down moves into bite-sized pieces for ease of understanding and learning, and is also able to 'talk' through the moves as they are being practiced.  During the Term of classes, KaZ also provides participants with regular hand-outs with the aim of boosting confidence to practice at home.  

KaZ is experienced at teaching fully seated participants as well as those with dementia and varying levels of disability, and is happy to modify moves and class structure according to participants' abilities.   Tai Chi is often referred to as "Meditation in Motion" and within a few short weeks, the calming and strengthening affects of practising Tai Chi will become apparent.

Particularly keen to bring the magic of Tai Chi to our Seniors, KaZ welcomes enquiries from Aged Care and Retirement Villages.  

KaZ is a professional Instructor with professional ethics and responsibilities towards her participants and holds Diploma Professional Counselling, First Aid Certificate, Working with Children check, National Police Check and full Public Liability Insurance.   KaZ has also successfully completed a Cert IV Leisure & Health Course, to enhance her knowledge and participants' experience.

Do come to one of our classes and experience the joy and serenity of Tai Chi Harmony.