4th May 2022:  Please note that this class is now closed to newbies, so that we can progress together as a cohesive group. 

If you are interested in improving your health and wellbeing using the gentle and effective art of Tai Chi, please contact KaZ directly so that your name can be put on the waiting list for future classes.

 taichiharmony@iinet.net.au or via website.

**All classes are open to fully Covid vaxed participants only**

If you've tried Tai Chi before but found it too demanding, too complicated or the instructor simply didn’t explain anything, try this. Adults of all ages are very welcome to attend. Not your 'average' instructor, KaZ will guide you from the very beginning with clear explanations and demonstrations of how and why we move as we do, so that you will improve your health from class one. KaZ is a professional Instructor whose focus is to strengthen mind and body in Harmony.

About KaZ:
I hold Diploma Professional Counselling, First Aid Certificate, current Police Check, Public Liability Insurance, Cert IV Leisure & Health qualification and Cert III Micro business.

 My classes are progressive, respectful and very enjoyable.

As at 24th December 2021:


As a professional Instructor it is my responsibility to provide the safest possible learning environment for my Students.  

I am therefore only accepting Students who are fully vaccinated when we resume classes in January 2022.     

I sincerely thank those Students who have followed expert health advice in protecting themselves and their fellow Students from Covid, as your actions have given us the freedom to safely and confidently continue with our classes next year.


All classes are conducted under strict Covid regulations.   KaZ has Flu and Covid vaccinations every year, to protect her Students.   If any student feels unwell in any way, please be respectful to KaZ and your fellow students and DO NOT ATTEND.   If we all contribute to our healthy class environment by being responsible for our own health decisions and wellness, our classes will be safe to continue into the future.    


Tai Chi Harmony classes are suitable for all ability levels as KaZ is able to modify moves according to each group's ability.  

Classes are progressive, positive, caring and encouraging.  

KaZ can bring the joy of Tai Chi directly to you for groups of 8 or more, or can facilitate classes in a local venue if required.  KaZ is also  experienced in offering classes for seated participants, with focus on Harmony of body and mind.

Specialising in classes for Seniors with a strong focus on leg, knee and ankle strength, Abdominal breathing and mind/body Harmony, KaZ welcomes enquiries from Aged Care facilities, Retirement Villages and all organisations concerned with improving the health and wellbeing of Senior citizens.

Please contact KaZ for further information:    taichiharmony@iinet.net.au