Aug 2022

Dear KaZ,

Thank you for your enjoyable class this morning and introduction to Tai Chi.  I found your teaching methodology and verbal instructions very reassuring:  it is really good to find a teacher who can empathise with beginner and mobility-compromised participants.

I was wobbling all over the show and look forward to stabilising.


July 2022

Can I just say the parents were very impressed with everything they learnt from you and all took something of value away, including “we wish it could be a regular session”.   I enjoyed meeting you and look forward to working together again.


KaZ I truly enjoyed working with you doing Tai Chi which helps to strengthen core, as well as the calming loving way with mind soul spiritual guiding – loved it all and feel balance heal. Thank you KaZ for making a difference. Love, Wendy.


To Whom it may Concern

For just over 4 months KaZ has been, for the first time for me, our class

instructor in Tai Chi Harmony. I had seen groups in parks doing this style

of exercises and pondered "how can these slow motion movements be of any use".

After a few weeks I started for feel some benefit and was surprised how much of a

workout they can be.

As an instructor KaZ has a wonderful style. She explains the objectives

clearly and in a cheerful manner. She explains the "why, how and purpose" of

a movement.

She will go over exercises again with encouragement and understanding that

does not put any one down. She understood we were new and did not have her

flexibility but explained "that will come".


Our Tai Chi has been a lovely experience for me, I have learned  so much from you through  your loving, gentle and patient teaching. I have been practising a lot,and believe  I have mastered  everything you taught us, even "stroking  the  peacock"!! Hopefully we can find another teacher to continue our Tai Chi journey; in the meantime, I will keep doing what I've  learnt from  you. 

     Best wishes to you, KaZ .God bless. Love Mary.


November 2018

KaZ is an accomplished Tai Chi instructor whose weekly Tai Chi sessions for our Aged Care residents made a demonstrable and long-lasting contribution to their physical and spiritual health and well-being. Her work was greatly valued by them and she is very much missed.

Her bright and engaging personality and unfailing vitality brought animation and happiness to residents in our Low Care, High Care and Secure Dementia Units.

KaZ applied herself to training our staff in a Tai Chi exercise program that was suitable for us, but was also largely transferrable to the residents. Practice of the discipline of Tai Chi as taught by KaZ continues to give us its benefits of alertness, flexibility, responsiveness, resilience and calm.

I wish KaZ every success in her career and thank her for her many gifts to our facility and to our residents.

Acting Social Care Supervisor


April 2019

In Sept 2017 I joined in a class dedicated to Tai Chi as part of a Seniors week programme. The distance from my home to this class is 52kms. Since then, to just before Easter 2019, I have enjoyed weekly classes run by KaZ. The classes are conducted in a very friendly and informal manner.

KaZ is able to impart her interpretation of the advanced lessons of this martial art to ordinary folk of middle age and with mild forms of disability.

She is considerate of their failings to quickly grasp the moves and is very praiseworthy when a suitable standard is reached.

I personally am very sorry to lose Kaz, because of the encouragement given me to become a fitter and more active person.


May 2019

Dearest Kaz, I have just got back from my holiday to the sad news that you have re-located. I will miss you, I loved our re-connection and our classes together so much. God bless take care and if you ever come back to Wang please come to see us. Love and peace xx Gady Parker, Open Door Community House Wangaratta.


December 2019

We are a small friendly group of mature students who come and enjoy Tai Chi with Kaz at Currimundi Hall on Friday mornings. The exercise is easy and relaxed and those of us attending are benefitting by improving our breathing techniques and easier joint movements. Do as little or as much of the exercises as suits. No competition, just a relaxing hour with nice people.

At this time I would like to commend Kaz for her instructive verbalising of the Tai Chi exercises which makes it easy for us to understand and execute in practice. Kaz is considerate and caring of each of her students and their particular health or other problems. The class smile a lot with Kaz who is quick to call at home if she thinks a student is unwell, this is much appreciated and an example of her caring as a teacher.

From Norma and Ann xxx